Our Vision


"Hip hop" DESPERATELY needs to be understood not just as a style or sub-genre of music, but as a culture with its own community, consciousness and cause. Hip hop has its own language, it's own idea of how to communicate; and it's own style. As such an undeniably powerful force and impact; the very potential to influence our youth is without limit. However, to this point, there has never been an educationally cohesive, exploratory or guided entity created, in order to help clarify the ideas and the messages broadcasted by this community; and HHCI will be that entity.

There needs to be a value shift in hip hop, but not toward a specific political, ethnic or religious organization or party. But, towards a way of seeing one's self and the impact he/she can have on the world around us! We have a responsibility to lead the young people who are within our sphere of influence, and in order to do that, one must have a "doctrine". Hip hop--as a culture--has proven that great change can occur when there is an actual cohesion of ideas.

When multiple people all approach a goal from myriad angles, with different styles, words, sounds and images, the coherence and unity of their message pounds itself into our very souls, and it even affects the way we see the world around us and how we decide to interact with it. Hip hop needs to be able to support “civil” life. It needs to be able to highlight for people--and inform them about, ways they can better themselves as human beings. We have a responsibility to teach our children and their children how to live and thrive; not just survive. One of the major goals of the Hip Hop Culture Institute is to explore in hip hop, the universal themes of humanity, or the things that connect us all as humans.

Some of the ideas includes:
Personal Identity
Culture and Legacy

HHCI will open and sustain a discourse in Hip Hop about these themes in order to educate and enrich the members of the community. This is pivotal, because Hip Hop is a language and culture that permeates every aspect of our culture these days, whether in terms of style, sound or even psychology. And, because this language is not limited by color, creed or gender, it is powerful and potentially catalytic for being the cause of great change and transformation.

Our Mission

HIP HOP CULTURE INSTITUTE (HHCI) MISSION: The Hip Hop Culture Institute (HHCI)is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy, education and empowerment of our nation's youth and young adults, through the global influence and reach of "hip hop" culture and music, where we actively engage and foster change with: the music industry, the most influential artists, and the devoted youth leaders and concerned parents of our communities, with:

Community chapters


Focus groups

Educational curriculum

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